The Society

Do you like riddles?

1. Join The Society

Subscribe to the secrets of the urban wild lifestyle and uncover the hidden wonder of natural sanctuaries within MSP city limits.

2. Await Correspondence

On the first Thursday of each month, the Keepers of the Urban Wild Adventure Society release to it’s members a puzzle.

3. Accept your Charge, Solve the Riddle

Accompanying the monthly UrbanWild Magazine feature, Adventure Society members receive a scavenger hunt of riddle- robed clues. When solved, the urban explorer finds themselves in a new outdoor city sanctuary.  To aid in your quest you receive: The Adventure Challenge Guide, including maps, tips, buyer’s guides and insider knowledge on how to complete your quest.

4. Retrieve the Boon

Within your new found recreation venue will be found a collection of clay tokens; Wanderfox Medallions. With submitted proof of your worth to the urban adventuring cause, rack up points to cash in for free gear.

5. Spread The Myth

Share your adventures @urbanwildmsp and with the world. Put Minnesota urban outdoor adventure on the map using #urbanwildmsp, #gtfo, #adventuresociety; and

# Keep MSP Wild !